How to Send Emails In PHP By Using PHP Mailer Library?

Actually, the PHP Mailer is a class library for PHP and it offers a collection of functions to make and transmit the email messages. This PHP Mailer also supports so many ways of transmitting email such as mail (), qmail, Send mail and direct to simple mail transfer protocol servers. You can also utilize any characteristic of SMTO based email and so many recipients through Cc, Bcc, etc.

Commonly, there are several PHP libraries available. Amongst all, PHP Mailer is one of the most famous one. Now, it is a most commonly adopted approach among the developers for transmitting emails in PHP. In general, PHP Mailer is a substitute to mail () function that can be often used more. Overall, PHP Mailer is one of the most effective ways to transmit an email within PHP. If you don’t have good programming skills, you can buy php mailer with bitcoin and don’t even read the article below.

Why use a PHP Mailer?

The major reason to use PHP Mailer is making it simple to transmit an email and also make it possible to attach files and transfer a HTML email and so on. With this PHP Mailer, you can make use of own SMTP server and also prevent Send mail procedures used by mail () function on UNIX platforms. Using Mail () has a lot of hidden issues, so it is highly suggested that you have to use PHP Mailer.

Benefits of using PHP Mailer rather than Mail () function

There are several benefits of selecting PHP Mailer more than the Mail () function for a persistence of sending an email.

Object oriented

The Mail () function is not object oriented, whereas PHP Mailer keeps an interface that is object oriented.

Local mail server limitation

Normally, the Mail () function requires a local mail server for transmitting out emails, whereas the PHP Mailer utilizes the simple mail transfer protocol. Moreover, you must have validation IDs.

SSL authentication

This library also helps simple mail transfer protocol and offers an authentication through TLS and SSL.

Headers and dirty code avoidance

In PHP Mailer, you do not have to write a muddy code. Also, there is no need of making headers in a similar way as in mail () function. Actually, the PHP Mailer generates the life of a creator effortless.

Plain text versions of email

It assists in transmitting the plaintext email for non-HTML email clients.

Error sending in many languages

This library allows you to transmit the error messages over 40 languages, while the message sending fails.

Community support

It has a very lively communal of creators that holds it up-to-date.

Is PHP Mailer a reliable email solution?

When you want to transmit emails in PHP, you can simply make use of the PHP Mailer as a substitute approach. As a PHP creator, you cannot even run away to transmit emails by programming. Moreover, you should think about third party services for this. Also, there are some other substitutes of PHP Mailer such as Switfmailer and Zend mail. You can simply test out the PHP Mailer library and then know how it does by launching your free trial now. Obtain the best of PHP7 via the proven and reliable hosting stack.